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Emerald (Panna)

Natural occurrence:

Scientific composition:

Key features:

Astrological benefits of Emerald Gemstone:

  1. Emeralds can be useful for businessmen, printers, publishers, scientists, and writers. They can be good for those working in the chemical business, in public relations, medical equipment, diplomats, mediators, and factory owners.
  2. They help with communication and verbal skills, and are therefore good for writers, actors, and public speakers. Businessmen who wear emeralds can learn to communicate better. Emeralds transmit green, which is by nature a cold color.
  3. The color green influences the liver, intestines, kidneys, and the body’s flesh. Emeralds also affect the nose. They may help with heart conditions, concentration, insomnia, dysentery, diarrhea, stuttering, asthma, and ulcers. Emeralds can help with diseases caused by imbalances of vital bodily airs. Emeralds are good for purifying the blood, and are useful in treating nervous conditions.
  4. Therefore, they may help cure epilepsy, diseases caused by poisons, insanity, stammering, memory loss, hepatitis, stomach problems, depression, bronchitis, flatulence, and dyspepsia.
  5. They help strengthen the positive life force, and work with the lungs, tongue, and brain.
  6. Those who wear defective emeralds may find distress, loss of wealth, injury, unhappiness, and will not find happiness in relation to their parents.
  7. A good emerald without defects will bring wealth, good health, property, and increase a person’s intelligence. Emeralds help increase memory, which has the effect of also improving the wearer’s education and psychic abilities.
  8. Emeralds protect against snakebite, envious people, evil spirits, and curses. They give good children, and pregnant women who wear emeralds are ensured a safe and painless delivery. Emeralds give energy and balance, calm the mind, give mental peace, and help meditation.
  9. Emeralds help their wearers practice chastity. They also help the wearers do well on exams, to not lose money in business, to be honest, and to have a good reputation. Wearers can formulate good ideas and will possess the strength to enact them
  10. Depending upon a person’s occupation, different color emeralds should be worn. A priest, teacher, scientist, or intellectual should wear light green emeralds.
  11. A ruler, soldier, or administrator should wear bluish green. A businessman, farmer, or banker should wear yellowish green. A laborer, artisan, or servant should wear dark green.
  12. Emerald affects the element earth and the sense of smell. It relates to the seventh chakra, Sahasrana (above the head).

Stotra of invocation: Om priyangu kalika syaman, rupena pratimam budham, somyam somya guno petam, tam budham pranamami aham.

Uses of Emerald:

The best emeralds are smooth, brilliant, transparent, radiant, and free of spots, have a rich even color, appear to glow, and have no bad internal or external flaws. They should also be well cut. An emerald should reflect a good light that shines like lightning. 

Main substitutes of Emerald:

Green Tourmaline Stone, Green Jade Substone, Aquamarine Substone, Green zircon stone, Peridot Stone, Chrome Tourmaline, chrome diopside, and Green Agate Substone. As Mercury is not compatible with the Moon, emerald should not be used with pearl or moonstone. Some authorities say that emeralds should not be worn with yellow sapphires, red coral, or their substitutes.

Important precautions:

Should be at least 3 carats. Emerald should not be worn along with Pearl Stone and Red coral Gemstone

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