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Aquamarine Substone

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Known as berunj in Hindi, it is commonly termed as the "aquamarine". This name  is derived from its characteristic light sea blue color. Its sublime beauty and its spectacular astrological properties make it most renowned and famous stone among the other gemstones.

It is one of the most rigid stones, which is an excellent substone of Emerald. According to the astrology, aquamarine is a sub stone of the planet Mercury & is recommended for the people of the Taurus and Libra sun sign. To reap good benefits from this stone, it is advised to be worn in a silver ring.

Who should wear Aquamarine Stone?

Being the sub stone of Emerald, it is advised to wear this stone in order to attain the beneficial effects of Mercury (Budhh). This specific stone has its specific significance in the healing therapy. This particular stone which is linked with mercury is extremely beneficial for the mind and heart.

Benefits of wearing Aquamarine Stone

Talking about its astrological aspects, this stone is recommended to gain the benefits of the planet mercury. This gemstone clears all the obstacles in the progress of one’s life & bestows him with  wisdom, immense stability and enormity. Bestow name and fame with wealth & prosperity to the wearer. It is to be believed that this stone is also worn by the people who are planning long journeys through sea. It is extremely beneficial for one’s love life too.

It has some great affirmative effects on the endocrine gland & stabilizes the hormonal imbalances in one’s life.

Aquamarine Stone prices:

Similar to the other precious gemstones, its cost also is determined on the basis of its color, luster and purity. Its cost in India is approximately 700 Rs. to 3000 Rs. per carat, which increases with its luster that means higher the luster, higher would be the cost. For better astrological effects of Aquamarine too, higher the luster better would be the power of the stone.

Properties of Aquamarine Substone:

The aquamarine stone, which is recommended for the excellent jyotish effects, should be clear, translucent & has rich sea aqua blue color. One should be careful, that it does not have any scratches or the defects. Even, if this stone is bought for the Feng shui purpose, it should never be damaged or scratched from anywhere. One can also go for a light blue aquamarine, which is comparatively cheaper.

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Natural occurrence of Aquamarine Stone:

The mines of this precious sub stone are found in India and Brazil. Apart from these countries, this special sub stone is found in the other countries too. But one should always ask for the lab certificate of its quality, whenever buying either from a shop or any online portal.

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